So what were the ‘Happy 2010!’ glasses like?


Happy 2010, people who count from Anno Domini using the Gregorian calendar! I greeted the new year by saying, sometime well after midnight, “Oh, it’s 2010 already.” I was playing the PC version of Call of Duty 4, which is demonstrably better than the Xbox 360 version I played two years ago. But that’s not the point of this here post. No, for I have one question to ask of the people who did go outside and celebrate: what were the “Happy 2010!” glasses like?

You’ll recall that a few weeks ago, based on a segment from the Opie and Anthony show, we wondered aloud what kind of “Happy 2010!” glasses were going to make the rounds come December 31. The problem is that, because of the nature of the Arabic numerals, the glasses would either be tilted to one side, or there’d be no way to see effectively. (We were spoiled by the easy-to-wear 2008 and 2009 models.) Being that I didn’t leave the house, nor did I watch the TV to see the ball drop in Times Square—I had effectively rung in the new year by watching Dream/Sengoku’s Dynamite!! show from Tokyo on HDNet the night before—I have no idea how people responded.

So if anyone has any “Happy 2010!” glasses stories they’d like to share, I’m all ears.

And if you thought “Happy 2010!” was difficult, just wait to “Happy 2011!” rolls around.