Eight boring HP computers leak out before CES

hp-mini-210-hdWhoops, it looks like most, if not all, of HP’s CES computer lineup has leaked a few days early. So far detailed spec sheets are missing for the four notebooks and four deskstops, but none of them really seem to be all that exciting. The most noteworthy one out of the bunch is the Mini 210 HD  netbook that comes sporting a Pine Trail CPU and Broadcom’s Crystal HD video playback chip for $329. Besides that, the rest are just your standard Best Buy-bound computers.

>Now all of this info should still be classified as a rumor until HP makes it official next week. But each system seems like the next evolutionary step for HP. There is nothing out of the ordinary here  like, say, a tablet with a revolutionary content delivery system. LogicBuy, the deal site that originally posted the leaks, states the ship date for the systems is January 7, 2010, so expect word before then. [via Engadget]