Believe and you'll achieve: British Army launches get-fit podcast. Clearly Hulk Hogan uses it.


Absolutely brilliant. The British Army has produced a series of podcasts (hence the story’s appearance here) designed to get you, the average loaf-about, into tip-top shape. Let’s give ’em a listen, shall we?

So the podcast is free, of course, and is called Army Fit: Personal. The podcast is divided into several levels, and I’m listening right now to level one, beginner.

Oh god yes, there’s a dance beat in the background. It sort of sounds like Menu music from Wipeout for the PlayStation. I guess that’s the difference between the Brits and their American cousins: whereas the U.S. Army would have used something like Metallica in the background, the Brits are skipping along to pop-trance. Plus 200 DKP.

There’s a British man yelling at me. “Every minute counts!” and “You can do it!” and “I can see your sweat!” and “Believe and you’ll achieve!”

See, if I had a video camera I could have made a fun two-minute video out of this. Jogging around in the snow and whatnot.

Yes, we’re sorta in a holding pattern till CES starts up tomorrow and Wednesday.

Recent pic of Hulk Hogan from the WrestlingObserver message board. He’s on TNA tonight! (But Bret Hart is on WWE. What to watch?!)