Rumor: Palm Pixi to go Pink?


As any long time MobileCrunch reader (hey, they exist!) ought to know, we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for pink phones. I’m not really too interested in carrying one (nothing against’em, it would just clash with my depressingly grey-hued wardrobe), but I like to keep a careful eye on them as they surge in popularity right around February 14th of each year. This time around, it looks like Palm might be hopping on the brightly-colored bandwagon.

Engadget just scrounged up this shot of a Sprint inventory screen. The gem is right in the middle of the list: “PALM PIXI PINK”. While not entirely damning, it’s a pretty good sign that our friends out in Sunnyvale are preppin’ a pink Pixi (Pinkzi?) just in time for the Holiday of Hallmark love.

Whatd’ya say, folks – would you rock a pink Pixi?