Samsung sold 2.6 million LED LCD TVs in 2009, expects 10 million in 2010

If you read the headline, then you already know that Samsung pushed out 2.6 million LED LCD TVs in 2009. That’s nearly equal to the population of San Diego. But the company also expects 2010 to be bigger — a lot bigger. Samsung plans on moving 10 million LED LCD TVs in 2010, which would be one to every person living in Beijing. That’s a lot, folks.

We’ll get a closer look at Samsung’s 2010 HDTV lineup with week at CES. It will likely include LED-backlit HDTVs in smaller sizes, which will help the company reach the lofty 10mil goal. Previously, the LED technology was mainly a top-tier feature, reserved for larger models with high price tags. But like everything, the technology is flowing down-market and into models that were previously lit with CFLs.