Syabas' $130 Popbox video streamer, everyone

popbox-lg1Hello, beautiful. We knew Syabas had a new 1080p video streamer in the works, but not one that looks this fine. The Popbox seems to be a more consumer-friendly and non-nerdy Popcorn Hour with a totally reworked UI. Plus, it’s a whole lot less at only $130.

popbox-lg8The new interface supports Java, Flash, and Quicktime games and so-called Popapps that can do everything from displaying Twitter feeds to local weather when a user pauses a video. This greater support allows the box to hook-up and stream content from various Internet sites and fully utilize API’s like Netflix. Of course the box retains the vast video codex and container support that made the Popcorn Hour legendary.

The hardware itself is just your standard equipment beefed up a bit for 1080p@100Mbps support. Video is outputted via either HDMI or component video, while RCA analog and SPDIF handle the audio. Two USB ports and an SD card slot provides local storage support and an Ethernet port gives it network access.

The device should be out in March with an MSRP of $129. Hopefully Syabas has plans and partnerships in place to get this device in the mainstream consumer market channel (read: Best Buy) and not rely on just the Internet and specialty shops for sales. Many people are looking to ditch subscription TV and besides the upcoming D-Link Boxee Box, there aren’t many other devices as polished as the Popbox available.