bdporter: Sony Music's roll-front cabinet with integrated Blu-ray player and projector


Sony Music Japan has announced a pretty unusual product today, the so-called bdporter [JP]. It’s essentially a roll-front cabinet with a set of devices that’s geared toward home theater fans who look for a unique piece of furniture. Buyers will get a Sony Blu-ray player, a WXGA projector, surround headphones, active speakers and a 60-inch projector screen.


Sony Music says the bdporter is ideal for presentations in companies (which can move the cabinet from conference room to conference room). But the company is also marketing the cabinet for private use, as you can see in the picture above. Buyers can choose between four design patterns to make sure the cabinet fits nicely with their existing furniture. The cabinet is sized at 500mm×840mm×750mm.


Sony Music is offering the bdporter for a whopping $7,700. It’s Japan-only at this point.