D-Link now has thingamajigs that will remotely monitor your house for security breaches. Amazing.


And now D-Link is in the home security business. The company, of whose router I bought several months ago and fight to use on a daily basis (seriously, the Internet just cuts out at times… what are you gonna do?), has just announced a series of home monitoring devices, including the Home Monitoring Starter Kit ($149). One device plugs into your router, and then you place a series of wireless motion sensors around the house in strategic areas (doors, windows, etc.). The sensors then send alert the device, which can then text message you, send you an e-mail, etc. something like, “Hey, the kids are home.”

Of course, all of the data is remotely accessible via a special Web site D-Link has set up at mydlink.com.

There’s also Home Energy Monitoring Starter Kit ($99). Once all set up, you can remotely control the various devices in your home. Left the TV on? The PC? You get the idea.

I save he best for last. There’s the 3G Door Phone ($199). It’s a doorbell, right, but inside is a built-in 0.1 megapixel camera that can send photos and video to your 3G cellphone. This is helpful if you, say, are a very rich man in the year 1212 and are afraid that the serfs will revolt. But until I see otherwise, this is clearly the best thing I’ve heard/read/ about it at this year’s CES if only because it’s 100 percent. Who the heck needs a doorbell spy? How bad is your neighborhood?

All three of these guys will be available in the second quarter of this year.