Off To CES We Go!

Screen shot 2010-01-05 at [ January 5 ] 9.45.51 AM

Another year, another CES. Each year brings bigger, badder gadgets, and each year we put our nose-to-the-grindstone in hopes of bringing you guys the best coverage yet. We’re kicking things up a few notches this year; we’ve got more happy faces from the CrunchGear and MobileCrunch team roaming the halls of the Las Vegas Convention center than ever before — and this time, we’ll be bringing it to you live.

We’ll be posting up a storm as we normally would, but we’ll also have a live video feed (brought to you by the wonderful folks over at Livestream) going around the clock over at CrunchGear to give you guys at home a little peek into the madness that is the Consumer Electronics Show. Follow us during the day as we dig for the latest gadget gossip, and then during the night as we make the terrible combination of desert heat and hard alcohol.

With all that said, I’m off to the airport. While I’m up in the air, be sure to check out John Biggs’ predictions for What to expect from CES 2010.