The WD MyBook line gets the USB 3.0 treatment

wd-my-book-3.0-3-low-resIf you’re going to buy that new USB 3.0 hub, you might as well have something to plug into it. Why not the new WD MyBook 3.0? I mean, it’s damn fast, not that expensive, and looks sick.

The drives will be available in both 1TB and 2TB flavors for $180 and TBA. Just like the other USB 3.0 drives we’ve seen, these are 5.0Gbps-capable on a USB 3.0 system. It’s also backwards compatible to 2.0 ports, but don’t expect that type of speed. But for an extra $20, WD offers the drives with a USB 3.0 card. Pretty reasonable in my book.