Vizio announces a slew of 3D HDTVs that you want

Vizio has grown up from a bargain brand to a top tier nameplate. The companies latest release reaffirms that stance as the just-announced XVT Pro line is as feature filled as it gets. These HDTVs pack everything from 3D to a 480Hz technology to wireless HDMI built-in to a sliding keyboard with a full QWERTY keyboard to better control apps like Twitter and Facebook. These sets are hot, folks.

The XVT Pro model line includes a 72-inch, 55-inch, and 47-inch for $3499, $2499, and $1999, respectively. All are equipped with with a 3D mode, five HDMI 1.3 jacks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless HDMI, and a bunch of apps. The big boy 72-inch (XVTPRO720SV) however, features 480 zones of localized dimming, while the 55-inch only has 120 and the 47, 160 zones.

cinema58_AngleThere is even a new 58-inch Cinema Wide Display with a 21×9 aspect ration and 2560 x 1080 resolution. This set is perfect for those 2:35:1 movies that leave black bars above and beneath the picture on a 16×9 set. The XVTPRO580CD also has all the goodies described above.

Don’t get too excited about these sets. They will not be available until August. That’s eight months from now. By that time, other manufacturers will probably hop on the wireless HDMI and 3D bandwagon. Hopefully they will copy the QWERTY remote too.