3M improves their pico projector line with the new MPro150

You remember the MPro120, right? 3M’s little pico projector. I reviewed it some time ago and found it perfectly delightful, but it was missing a few features, such as onboard storage, that its competitors had. The new version, apparently skipping a few digits, is the MPro150, and it fixes a lot of those little issues. It comes with a gig of onboard memory and has a MicroSD slot for you to fill with movies, music, powerpoints, and so on. It’s also got a real menu system instead of the rather piddling options present in the 120.

We tested it out while on a whirlwind tour of CES Unveiled, and it looks pretty much the same. It’s a little brighter than its little brother, and of course it has the new features, but other than that it’s the same old device. Looking forward to reviewing this thing.

Oh, it costs $395, which is pretty steep, but that’ll probably come down. The pico projector wars have begun.