Casio's FH100: an incremental update to an already-excellent digital camera

EX-FH100 Silver Front Angle
At today’s Casio press conference, I lost a lot of faith. In the space of a year, they seem to have done the following:

  • Added “artistic filters” to their cameras
  • Increased speed of image processing by ~20%
  • Decided 5x zoom wasn’t enough

The result is the shockingly bad Digital Art Frame and the marginally improved FH100, successor to the great FC100, my favorite compact digital. There are a number of minor improvements, and the body looks a little more solid, but it’s nothing to write home about. The best thing about it is it will probably drive down the price of the FS10 and FC100.

EX-FH100 Back Silver

The minor improvements are the 14.1 megapixels, the 10x zoom (up from 3x or 5x), a feature I probably wouldn’t use (high speed zoom photography is a bad bet), and the burst speed has been increased to 40FPS from 30. You still can’t take more than 30 in a row, but they’ve upped the megapixel count on the burst photos to 9, which is certainly nice.