CrunchGear Continues To Stream CES, Is Covered In Glory

If you’re not glued to our live streaming CES coverage, then you’re really missing out. Although the press lounge here is the most inhospitable place on the planet (no water, no coffee, no internet), preventing effective blogging, we’ve been hands-on with LG’s quarter-inch-thick TV and streamed all of Toshiba’s new gear, live and on the spot. Up next we’ll be seeing Sharp around noon (more TVs) and Casio at one o’ clock (hopefully, more high-speed cameras).

Watch live streaming video from crunchgear at

You can watch replays like the one above, or just go to CrunchGear and use the main player, which has all the clips we’ve recorded so far. Yes, video quality is low, but this is transmitting live through 3G, guys. Be nice.

Feel free to make suggestions: do you want more of us talking? More close-ups of products? More PR flacks reading press releases? We live to serve, and will cut our CES jib to whatever tailoring you beautiful people think is best.