Live from Monster’s CES press conference


Noel Lee, head honcho of Monster, is here and we’re live at the press conference.

The focus is on speed – speed-rated HDMI cables. Monster’s also implemented a lifetime cable guarantee.


“Thin is in.” New SuperThin series of HDMI cables. Designed for more portable devices. “We want 1080p out of our cell phones.”


“Wham Bam Blu-ray demo disc.” Use it to show off your home theater rig to your friends.


  • USB 3.0 cables, each will be speed-badged so consumers will know what speed they are
  • Shorter-length micro and mini USB cables – six inches long for travelling
  • DisplayPort cables and adapters


Apple charger – dual charger charges iPhone and USB device at the same time. And Powernet home powerline networking with wireless router. First of its kind.

DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Remote control outlets combined with current sensing outlets.


New universal remotes with actually reasonable price tags: $100, $130, and $250.


And now to headphones…

Lee is talking about how people listen to music on “little white earbuds.” But people wanted better headphones. That’s why Monster created the Beats. Hi-end headphones for $100. But Lee wanted to create high-end headphones. “I love the Beats but I can’t stick them in my pocket.”

Created the Turbine series. Hi-end audiophile earbuds. Turbine Pro Gold.

Now introducing the Turbine Pro Copper. If the Turbine Pro Gold is a Ferrari, the Turbine Pro Copper is a racing Ferrari. Reference-quality accuracy in an earbud. Lifetime guarantee. Break them and you get your first replacement free.

Starting at $399 MSRP, available in February 2010.


New consumer Turbine features: white color, 90-degree swiveling connector. $179 MSRP.


Monster Jamz headphones: $119 MSRP. Unbreakable. Hit them with a hammer. Run over them with a forklift. “Virtually Indestructible.”


Also “Little Jamz.” Tinier version of Monster Jamz. MSRP of $99.


Also “Mobile Jamz.” Little Jamz with mobile phone features. $129. 2GB inline storage. Use for hands-free calling but also listen to music. Software comes with it for an iTunes-like music management experience.

Lee also announced a partnership with Viviane Tam. Won’t show products yet but they’ll be on display at Fashion Week and will feature her “Butterfly” design.


Miles Davis headphones. Specailly-tuned for jazz music. $499 MSRP.


Miles Davis’ family members take the stage: Vince Wilburn Jr., Erin Davis, Cheryl Davis. They love the new headphones. “The quality is amazing. You hear all these tones and notes and frequencies that you don’t get with other headphones.”


Matt’s going to stick around to get a hands-on with some of the new products, so make sure to check the site in a bit for more info.