Live from Samsung's CES 2010 press conference

Here we are, living it up at Samsung’s press conference. Things will start off at 2pm PST.

1:53pm – It’s not 2pm yet.
2pm – Just started. Standard blah blah.
Sold 2.6 million LED TVs worldwide.
80% market share in LED TV category.
#1 brand for mobile phones in US.
25% market share. 1 Samsung mobile phone sold every second.
Focus on apps on multiple platforms.
2:11pm – Last year: Apps and widgets on TVs. Internet@TV Widgets.
Samsung Apps, multi-device app store for phones, TVs, Blu-Rays. Calendars, games, movie streaming.
2:16PM – Samsung Apps are open with an open SDK.

3D TV on its way. Surprise!
Complete 3D home ecosystem. Total solution. 3D TV, 3D Blu-Ray player, 3D home theatre system, light and comfortable 3D glasses.
Complete, cinema-quality 3D system.
2:20pm – Just like Toshiba, Samsung can convert 2D to 3D.
Crazy freaking TVs. One as thin as a pencil.
Brushed metal frame.
“Body-sensitive” control panel pops out when you move toward it.
Watch TV on your remote while you’re playing Blu-Ray content.

Blah blah about 3D TV with Dreamworks and Technicolor.

2:38pm – World’s first ATSC mobile TV mobile chip with Samsung moment.
Now talking about mobile.
ATSC mobile TV in Washington, DC this spring.

Transparent MP3 player. Control it from the back.
S16 Camcorder. Built-in 64GB SSD. Stream full HD video from the camera over Wi-Fi.
Samsung CL80. Camera can balance at a 7-degree angle for self portraits and group shots.

Smallest color laser printer.
N210 Netbook – 12 hours of real world power.

2:47pm- First ebook devices. 10- and 6-inch screens. Handwriting system right on the screen.
Partnering with Google for ebook content. 1 million scanned in books in the public domain.

2:51pm – Interesting new connected products.
Omnia 2 phone can be used as a remote control for your Samsung TV and you can transfer your shows from your TV to your phone. Use your PC as a remote control and browse the program guide.