Netgear releases two powerline solutions just as I bought a powerline solution

Seriously. I just went and got some powerline stuff because the devices I used for about a year just died over Christmas. I used to be very skeptical of powerline networking solutions but now I’m quite impressed by the speed and reliability. I’m sold!

Anyway, Netgear has two new solutions, the Powerline 200 AV and the Powerline 200 AV+. The plus has an extra power outlet on it. Woot. Both transmit at 200Mbps. They are $149 and $169 respectively.

NETGEAR Plugs Two Powerful New HomePlug AV Powerline Networking Kits into Product Line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show

Advanced Design and Technology Improves Performance Up to 20 Percent Over Competing Powerline Home Theater Solutions

LAS VEGAS — January 6, 2010 — NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a worldwide provider of technologically innovative, branded networking solutions, today expanded its award-winning family of powerline networking solutions with two new devices incorporating HomePlug® AV-certified powerline technology: the diminutive Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001) and the Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501) with a filtered “pass-through” power socket. These networking kits incorporate the latest in design and technology innovations to support performance surpassing that of existing solutions by as much as 20 percent. These solutions enable high-performance applications such as HD video streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet gaming, and large file transfers to networked devices over existing electrical wiring in environments where wireless network performance may be challenged. NETGEAR will introduce its new products at two press events today in conjunction with the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. See today’s press release, “NETGEAR Introduces New Solutions at Consumer Electronics Show To Enable Any Media on Any Screen, Anywhere at Anytime” at

Powerline technology enables consumers to create a 10/100 Ethernet connection from any ordinary electrical outlet, thus eliminating the need to run new cables and lowering the overall cost to deploy a high-speed data network. Consumers can extend the range of their home network with these affordable, simple-to-install adapters, especially those consumers who use Internet-connected devices that demand high bandwidth, such as the new NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100), Elite (EVA9150) and Live (EVA2000) digital media players, Blu-ray™ players, TiVo®, Apple TV®, Xbox 360™, PlayStation® 3, DVRs, and network-enabled TVs. Moreover, because these new NETGEAR powerline kits are HomePlug AV-certified, they can easily and affordably extend any existing HomePlug AV network.

“Powerline has become an increasingly popular option for an always-on infrastructure because of the explosive growth in connected AV devices, and the high speeds and reliability required to support these demanding applications,” said Chris Geiser, NETGEAR’s product line manager for in-home distribution consumer products. “Home theater products need constant, shared and faster access to the Internet and the home network. You might have wireless dead spots in your house. You probably don’t have Ethernet in your walls. But chances are, you’ve got at least one electrical outlet in every room in your house. Powerline can boldly go where no Internet connection has gone before. Besides, you can’t beat powerline adapters for simple set-up and ease-of-use.”

NETGEAR has a well-documented track record of bringing the latest in powerline technologies to the market, offering a broad portfolio of powerline connectivity options optimized to deliver the highest performance, including single-port, pass-through, 4-port, and wireless extensions. ( NETGEAR is the only networking company that offers the full range of in-home distribution technologies to the retail and service provider markets, including powerline, MoCA® coax and wireless.

“While wireless is becoming increasingly popular as the core technology for home networks and is often embedded into new products, its performance can be affected by many factors, including the construction materials of the building itself,” said Norm Bogen, vice president of digital entertainment research for In-Stat. “Powerline can be a great complementary solution for TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and other home theater devices that still require a wired connection.”

Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001)
The NETGEAR Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001) is HomePlug AV-certified, featuring up to 200 Mbps performance through powerline. Its performance surpasses that of competing solutions and even that of NETGEAR’s own award-winning Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit (XAVB101) by up 20 percent. It’s distinguished by its compact size, smaller than a deck of cards and up to 50 percent smaller than competing products. It is thus an excellent choice for consumers who are concerned that a powerline device might block an open power outlet. The NETGEAR Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001) containing two adapters will be available worldwide in January 2010 at an MSRP in the U.S. of $149. Single adapters (XAV2001) will have an MSRP in the U.S. of $79. Photos and other information are at

Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501)
The HomePlug-certified NETGEAR Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501) shares the same performance and design benefits as the Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001), but differs from its sister product in offering a unique integrated filtered power socket for “pass-through” capability. This ensures that customers don’t cannibalize an existing wall power socket with the adapter, which means they can connect a wider range of power-hungry devices than competing solutions while still maintaining the highest performance. The NETGEAR Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501) containing two adapters will be available worldwide in February 2010 at an MSRP in the U.S. of $169. Single adapters (XAV2501) will have an MSRP in the U.S. of $89.