Our report from Sprint's bacchanalian Overdrive launch


The era of 4G – WiMAX, basically – is dawning and the Overdrive from Sprint is the first creation in that brave, fast world. Sprint called out all the great ones, from Hesse, the CEO, to Ballmer, the other CEO, as well as a Frank Caliendo, that guy who does voices.

The device, which is shaped like a squarish hockey puck, is being touted as a hotspot away from your hotspot. It streams a 4G connection out of a package about as big as a stack of drink coasters.

We grabbed some photos of the characters in question and Sprint showed some of their funny commercials for the new device. Look for them because they’ll actually be good. The premise is that with the new overdrive four random people will enter your life to mooch your network – and never leave. Look for the bathroom scene.

No pricing or availability, but look for it soon in a WiMAX-capable area near you.