Sling drops four new devices, all of which are worth a passing, if mention


Slingbox has released four new placeshifting devices. They are, in order of appearance:

Slingbox 700U
This box allows HD receivers to “sling” their “content” over the “Internet” directly, cutting out the laborous process of videotaping TV, converting it at one of those strip mall conversion places, and mailing it in the post. It connects to any set-top box with a USB port, a strange requirement to be sure..

Sling Receiver 300
The Sling Receiver connects to any other Sling HD cable box and grabs HD streams over the local home network.


Sling Monitor 150
Wait, what? A TV? The wireless sling monitor is a portable TV that can grab sling streams. You can carry it from room to room or, if you’re daring, into the bathroom.

Sling Touch Control 100
And now the piece de resistance or the most resistant piece! A touchscreen remote control! I would sleep with this one.

We’ll take a look at all the devices tomorrow but until then, thank us for making your morning.