Whoops, Google doesn't own NexusOne.com

The launch of the Nexus One handest yesterday was Google’s iPhone moment. Heck, even Andy Rubin – the genius behind Android – is being talked about as if he were The New Steve Jobs.

So this was a very important moment. The world continues to compare and contrast the Nexus One and the iPhone, and argue about whether Apple is competing with Google, or not.

So you would think that Google might have bought the domain NexusOne.com. Wouldn’t you?

But no – that domain is owned, or at least redirects to, a mining equipment company in the Phillipine, Supra Systems. A one Peter Villanueva appears to be the owner of the domain.

Although I daresay most will be able to find the handset on a search engine, this seems like a bit of an oversight. Just slightly.