Hands-on video: Lenovo's U1 hybrid tablet-netbook

They had this thing on display at Unveiled, but there was only one and nobody was really allowed to touch it. But Lenovo was nice enough to let me check this one out at their party last night in the Venetian. I’ve got to start running down to this meeting at a whole other location down the street, so I can’t write a blow by blow, but the video is pretty self-explanatory. The exhibitor is pretty much on autopilot, showing off the different modes, so you’ll get the full show.

My impressions were: pretty cool. The tablet portion is obviously at the very edge of its power, so I think they might have overdone it there, and a lot will depend on how well the little widgets work, but all in all it’s an elegant little interface. At $1000 it’s too expensive for anyone but zealous early adopters, though. At any rate, it’s a cool idea, and the hardware is really nice.