Microsoft's Arc Keyboard: slightly bulbous

You know how they talk about the “MySpace angles?” Where shots are taken at crazy angles that obscure a person’s true appearance? I think the Arc Keyboard has a bit of that going on. Its counterpart, the Arc Mouse, looked good from any angle. I still recommend it to people looking for a really compact wireless mouse. This thing — well, I can see the appeal, but the angles aren’t doing it for me. Makes me think it’s got something to hide.

Arc_Keyboard_Stop_printThat said, it is pretty elegant. I can see it sitting around in some design-y person’s home.

They don’t really explain this button in the lower right hand corner, though. It’s where the arrow keys would normally be, so maybe it’s an all-in-one arrow? That’d be awesome.

It’ll cost $60 and will be available exclusively at Best Buy. We’ll get a hands on later.