Pixelpipe Rolls Out New Version Of Android App

Pixelpipe, the service that lets you syndicate text, audio, video and image files to 120 different social networks, blogs and sites, has upgraded its Android app with one click publishing from the mobile devices’ camera and automatic publishing. The startup previously upgraded its app to work the the device’s video capture functionality to allow you upload video and audio directly from the device to over 45 social media destinations. The true virtue of Pixelpipe’s service is the fact that it lets you publish all types of files to various social networks and sites from a centralized place.

With the new app, Pixelpipe users would not have to use a 3rd party picture application for uploading after the point of capture. The user can shoot a picture with the phone’s built-in camera application, and Pixelpipe will pop open a box that will allow the user to add title, caption and tags and be able to upload in the background. Users can also select from a list of services, such as Picasa, Facebook or Twitter, at the same time.

The latest version of the Android app also allows users to turn on the ability to automatically publish every photo in the background. While Pixelpipe says automatic publishing could be useful for users who are publishing a lifestream, I’m not convinced of how popular this feature will be; I’m assuming that most users will want to have the discretion to choose which photos they want to publish.

Pixelpipe’s CEO Brett Butterfield says that the startup has native clients available for the iPhone, Android, Nokia Ovi, and Palm Pre but maintains that the Android app is the most popular app by far. Pixelpipe now has more new users per day coming from Android apps then any other platform, with a noticeable rise in downloads following the launch of Motorola’s Droid. Google’s shiny new Android-powered Nexus One should help boost downloads even further.