Recyclable mannequin robots


We have seen mannequin robots already, machines that may sometime replace real models in fashion shows and similar events. Needless to say that the company behind those robots is based in Japan. And it was clear that the first robot maker marketing a new line of robots as “recyclable” would come out of the same country, too. And Osaka-based Eager [JP] is combining both ideas by offering recyclable mannequin robots.

Eager says their models are ideal for recycling as they are partly made of cardboard. The robots detect the presence of humans through sensors and start posing. Small motors placed in the elbows and shoulders enable the robots to bend their necks and arms. They can pose in a total of 12 variations.

Each robot weighs just 6kg. At the moment Eager is only offering female models, but the company is thinking about building male and child models, too. Future versions may even be able to “speak” in one way or the other.

Eager is selling the robotic mannequins to department stores and museums. One machine costs around $5,000.

Via The Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]