The Livestream feed will be live until 5 and then again tonight from 7-10 (hopefully)

You guys said that you want to see lots more of show floor so we’re going live for the rest of the afternoon. Devin and the Livestream guys are currently en route to Yurtopia to get ear molds made. Live! After that they plan on hitting booths until the show closes at 5.

But we’re not done. Tune in before 7 to watch Doug take down 30 other technology journalists in the Systemax’s 13th Annual “Build Your Own PC Race” for charity at the Wynn. Fun fact, Doug placed last year and would have won if he didn’t have issues with the computer’s side panel. We’ll wrap up the day with another press-only event tonight.

Feel free to drop anything you really want to see in the comments below and we’ll do our best to hit it up live. We might even drop you a note personally when we’ll be showing your request. We love our readers that much.