Even Brooke Shields is upset with AT&T


Phonescoop grabbed a quick interview with Ms. Blue Lagoon herself, Brooke Shields at the LG booth. While she recited the regular marketing claptrap she had a little bit to say about AT&T and the iPhone:

PS: Why did you get an iPhone?

Brooke: First I got it because it was cool. I felt comfortable with the touch screen. The email was great. Texting was great. I was so happy that I could film my kids and take pictures of them and share them with my husband, The phone was a big problem, though. My time is limited, and when I have a few moments to call my kids, I don’t want the call to drop. That’s what happened with the iPhone.

If Ms. Shields is against you, AT&T, who can be for you?

Congrats to Phonescoop’s Eric Zeman, above, for being allowed to go near women again.