The FBI Adds New Widgets And Facebook Quizzes To Its Social Media Arsenal

A couple times a year, the FBI reaches out to let us know about their latest social media tools in the war against the world’s most notorious criminals. Today, they’ve detailed some of the latest additions to their growing arsenal.

The first is a new Video Widget that allows users to embed the Bureau’s videos in their webpages and blogs. It’s a pretty standard widget, but the content is obviously more serious than your average YouTube video — and it could actually help catch a few bad guys. After you’ve embedded it, the widget will stay updated as the FBI uploads new content.

Next is a new Facebook Quiz on the FBI’s Facebook Page, which the Bureau describes as a “a light-hearted quiz to determine what kind of FBI career best suits you: Special agent? IT professional? Intelligence analyst? Even the FBI Director?” Quizzes can be kind of lame, but they’re a great way to engage a broad audience.

Finally, the FBI has detailed some of the updates that have been made to the free FBI Most Wanted iPhone application that was developed by NIC. The app features the FBI’s most wanted list, as well as breaking news related to missing children, children, and terrorism. The latest update to the app allows you to locate the nearest FBI office using geolocation. The FBI says that the application has now been downloaded over 670,000 times.

The FBI has actually been quite active on social media before now — they’ve previously launched a Most Wanted widget, and established profiles on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.