GREEN SLIM: Casio announces pretty, eco-friendly friendly projectors


One of the few product announcements by a major electronics maker that’s not been made at the CES: Casio has unveiled the XJ-A series, which consists of nine projectors that are not only pretty cool-looking but also eco-friendly: The company says the devices are the first to be completely mercury-free. Casio also claims their so-called GREEN SLIM projectors are the world’s first devices of their kind that are bright enough to be used in a well lit room – without using a  mercury lamp.

At 43mm, the projectors are very slim, and weighing just 2.3kg they can be called portable to some extent, too. Casio uses a laser & LED hybrid light source in all of their new devices, which also feature wide-angle 2x optical zoom.

Buyers will be able to choose between four versions boasting WXGA Real resolution (1,280×800) and between 2,500 and 3,000 lumens brightness (XJ-A255, XJ-A250, XJ-A245 and XJ-A240). The other five models (XJ-A155, XJ-A150, XJ-A145, XJ-A140 and XJ-A130) have XGA Real resolution (1,024×768) and feature between 2,000 and 3,000 lumens.

All nine models have a contrast ratio of 1,800:1 and come with a lamp that features a 20,000 hour life span. Depending on which GREEN SLIM you choose, you’ll get USB or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Casio America hasn’t revealed any pricing details or release dates yet. In Japan, the projectors will hit stores starting January 29 with prices ranging from $1,600 to $3,500 (according to Casio Japan’s press release).

Via Akihabara News