Homestar Aqua: Sega Toys rolls out new planetarium for your bathroom (video)

Sega Toys’ series of planetarium projection systems for home use, the so-called Homestars, is getting another update. The company has announced [JP, PDF] the so-called Homestar Aqua for the Japanese market (everyone living outside this country can pre-order the Aqua here). This version is smaller and can, as the name suggests, be used in the bathroom (it’s water-resistant). And it’s relatively inexpensive, too.

The Homestar Aqua is battery-powered, sized at just 85 x 118 x 87mm and weighs 400g. It projects around 10,000 stars onto a circular area of 1.8m in your bathroom (projection distance: between 1.5 and 2.3m). Buyers can choose between models in pink, black, blue and beige.

Picture 5

Sega Toys will start selling the Homestar Aqua on January 29. It’s Japan only, but as stated above, the Japan Trend Shop lets you pre-order the device already (price: $73).

This video shows the Homestar Aqua in action:

Via Japan Trends