Memorex shows off some Wii stuff, and a seriously nice pocket cam

IMG_0513We had a chance to meet with Memorex this morning, and spotted a few cool items for you. Specifically, a charging device for you iProduct, some Wii accessories, and a pretty interesting mini-camcorder with a touch screen.

XtremeMac showed us a combination wall charger and li-ion battery pack. It’s got dual USB ports on the bottom, and has a 1 amp outbput to charge your devices quickly, and a fold out arm which turns it into a viewing stand. MSRP is $79.99, which seems a little steep for a fancy battery pack. Maybe we’ll see it a little cheaper when it actually comes out in 2Q2010.

For the Wii, Memorex has a new racing wheel that ensures that you have access to all your buttons (including the trigger underneath), and supports the MotionPlus. The best part is the price, it comes individually for $9.99, or as a family three pack for $24.99.

The most interesting thing we saw was a new mini-camcorder. It’s got a few features to set it out from the pack; it shoots in full 1080p, the entire back of it is a touch screen, and it will reportedly support an external microphone and there are even rumors of a wireless setup, making this a potentially great camera for video blogging. The new camera should be available this fall, with an MSRP of $169.

We also saw some new iPhone/iPod docks, which are necessarily a new thing, but they are a little different. The design is definitely sleek, and what made me notice them is that the iPhone or iPod is actually protected when it’s docked. We don’t have a lot of information about these products yet, but we’ll let you know the details when we find out more.