Razer reinvents the 360 Controller with the Onza

RZR_XboxControllerView5_WhtBrgThe boys at Razer are at it again, with the new Onza controller for the 360. They’ve manage to significantly improve on the standard 360 controller by improving the control buttons, adding a tension control, and making it easy to pwn your buddies with a programmable multi-function button.

This is something I’m definitely going to have to review. Razer generally doesn’t create a product unless they are improving on the design, and this is a perfect example of this philosophy. First, they changed up the buttons, and replaced them with their own high quality and tactile style. Then they added a programmable multi-function button on the back, that can be mapped to any of the action buttons, allowing you to set it up as an auto-fire using a selector on the bottom of the controller. The most exciting feature (at least to me, I love to snipe in Halo 3) is the inclusion of a tension control for the analog stick. You can adjust it to make it as tight or slack as you like, just by making a minor adjustment. MSRP is $49.99, which seems quite reasonable. We expect it will be available soon, and we know that it will be available worldwide. I’m also going to be reviewing one as soon as I can get one.