Thanko's spy pen shoots video in HD


Tokyo-based USB accessory specialist Thanko has a thing for spy gadgets. Just look at their spy button camera, the USB necktie with a built-in camera and the camera watch they developed in the last few months. Last July, Thanko started offering a a pen with an integrated micro camera. And today the company announced [JP] the so-called Super Slim Video Pen 2, which is a spy pen that shoots video in HD (1,280×960 at 30fps, to be more exact).

The pen lets you shoot JPEGs with the same resolution. It’s 14cm long and weighs 30g. It can store 1.5 hours of video with its internal memory but also supports microSD cards (up to 16GB). Thanko says an 8GB card is enough to record around six hours of HD video. Users just need to press a button on top of the pen to start the recording. The micro camera is right under it (see picture above).


Video files can later be transferred to your PC (as long as it runs under Windows XP, Vista or 7) via USB 2.0 (the pen has a miniUSB slot).


Thanko is selling the spy pen for $65. Ask Geek Stuff 4U if you live outside Japan and are interested in getting one (they’re just offering the older model at the moment).