Best of CES 2010

CES is over for CrunchGear and we’d like to reflect on the best gear we saw at the show. These few days flew by and even with the glut of 3D TVs and ereaders we were actually impressed by a few small, good things that caught our eye on the show floor. Here are the winners of CrunchGear’s Best of CES 2010 informal editor poll.

Nyko Wand+ controllers

Nyko’s new Wand+ controller has MotionPlus built into the controller, thereby preventing the dreaded “MotionPlus Elephantism” associated with the official Nintendo add-on. [Product]

Razer’s motion controller

This new controller uses completely different technology from the other motion controllers out there from the big 3 gaming companies. It’s magnetic, and unlike those other ones, it’s true 1:1 movement with low latency and high precision. I’d much rather be playing Red Steel 2 with something like this than with a Wiimote. It’s still a ways from production though.

Sprint Overdrive

4G speed in a package the size of a drink coaster? And it actually works in Vegas during CES? Yes, please. A great new WiMax product and literally the first of its kind. [Release]

Plastic Logic Que

The first e-book reader I genuinely want. I’d probably only use it to read newspapers and such, not books, but it’s thin, beautiful, and the touchscreen is definitely key. Too bad it costs over $600.

Palm Pre Plus

It may not have been much of a surprise by the time Palm announced the Pre Plus for Verizon, but we’re still glad it’s here. While the doubled capacity of 16GB is a nice touch, the real deal sealer is the new keyboard; it may look just about identical, but it feels a heck of a lot better than the one found on the Plus-less Pre. [Product]

Memorex HD Touch Screen camera

I’m glad to see that the pocket camera market is still going strong. I was really impressed by the Memorex Pocket cam. Not just for the touch screen, but for the fact that it supports external microphones as well. [Product]

Samsung Moment with Mobile DTV
The Samsung Moment is on here not because it’s an amazing phone but because it marks the beginning of free TV transmission to cellphones. If there’s one thing visitors to Asia are amazed by its the proliferation of live TV – in cars, in phones, almost everywhere. Samsung is finally bringing this technology to our shores and will be piggy-backing premium content over the standard, local streams we all know and love.