Tingalin releases Jersey Shore iPhone app before MTV

Screen shot 2010-01-10 at 7.03.51 PM

Tingalin, the makers of the world-famous Tingalin app, have outdone themselves. Their new app, based on the magic of the Jersey Shore but not directly affiliated with the MTV show in any way features a number of useful tools for the Situation-in-training.

While the upcoming “fake tan” system is not yet in place, the app does have a nickname generator, a fist pump challenge that acts like Guitar Hero for bros, as well as a list of useful pick-up lines for meeting and wooing drunk honeys.

Finally, there is a glowstick.

The app, downloadable here, costs a mere 99 cents.

As we mentioned before, MTV has nothing to do with this app, an interesting oversight that should give future reality show marketers pause before poo-pooing the appization of their creative produce. In this case, MTV is now excluded from making their own Jersey Shore app in the same way it is excluded from surf ‘n’ turf night, excluded from ravioli night, and excluded from chicken cutlet night.