Chumby Sunfury tablet coming?

We missed this one. But then again, the onle mention of the Chumby Sunfury tablet at CES ’10 was in the Marvell booth. We were too busy palling around with Stan Lee to notice anything else. Good thing the nerds from technabob has our back and managed to get a spec sheet.

Now, I must state before we go any farther that this tablet might never make it to market. The concept could very well have been mocked-up for Marvell’s CES showing. After all, the Sunfury is listed with a Marvell PXA168 CPU. Chumby might be getting out of the cut-throat hardware business and into licensing its novel software like with the Chumby-powered Sony Dash. Still, there is a part of us that hopes we’ll eventually see a Chumby-branded tablet. Who doesn’t heart Chumby?

The Sunfire is reportably going to rock the aformentioned CPU, 802.11 b/g, 128MB or 256MB of RAM, microSD card slot, and loaded with Chumby widgets. It will also be able to playback MOV, H.264, AVI, MPEG-4, MP4, and MJPEG files. The Marvel PXA168 and Adobe Flash Lite will be tapped for most of the heavy lifting which means the Sunfire will basically be void of any real computing power and will be just a larger-screen Chumby. That’s still cool in our book.

If the Sunfury is really in the works and not just a PR scheme, we still think the hardware will be picked up by other companies and sold under their name. Chumby would likely provide the interface though. No word on price or release date.