Dell outs the beefy OptiPlex XE desktop

optiplex-xe-family-295Some computer live a rough life as a POS system, signage computer, or my in-laws trojan-infested box. The new Dell OptiPlex XE systems will probably serve the same functions but comes with computer comforts that will likely make its life a bit more enjoyable.

The OptiPlex XE isn’t your standard desktop computer. This system can withstand up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit temps and has new filtration systems and internal layout to minimize dust. In fact Dell offers a dust sleeve that can provide IP51 levels of enclosure protection. (Dust and dripping water protection)

Dell also lists the computer as having a 42-month life cycle and plans on offering this computer with the same exact specs of an Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron CPU for 3.5 years rather than the standard year-and-a-half.

The OptiPlex XE just went on sale today and starts off at $709 and can be equiped with either Windows 7, Vista, XP, Ubuntu Linux, or POSReady 1.