HTC sends out chocolate Hero replicas, LG realizes they missed an opportunity

You know, the grass really is greener on the other side. Take the HTC Hero, for example; Russia’s got it, and so do we – albeit with a slightly less awesome body. No discrepancies there, though – we’ve both got the same basic phone, so we can all be happy. But now Russia has an HTC Hero made of chocolate.

Over the past week, a few members of the Russian press have been surprised with these sweet treats. Why is HTC sending out chocolate Heros? No one’s really sure. Could they could be launching the device on a new carrier? Might they just be trying to make me jealous of my Russian colleagues? At the very least, it’s a damned good way to make LG feel silly for not doing this with every model of the LG Chocolate ever.

[EnglishRussia via Engadget Mobile]