Nyko gaming accessories

NYKO_Logo.1Nyko, proprietor of fine gaming peripherals, showcased several new items at CES. For the Wii we have the upgraded Wand+, the Type Pad wireless keypad, the Perfect Shot pistol grip attachment, and the Charge Base Quad charging station. We also have a media hub for the PS3 Slim, and a new personal headset/speaker combo for the Xbox 360.


First the Wii stuff. The Wand+ is Nyko’s latest replacement for the standard Wii Remote. Other than being fully compatible Wii Motion Plus games without needing an extra dongle, it doesn’t have a whole lot of extra functionality that the standard remote doesn’t. As you can see above it is slightly smaller, although the buttons have been enlarged a bit. It rests comfortably in your hand, does what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t suck. It comes in the two designer colors you see, for $39.99.


The Type Pad is an interesting attachment, applicable mostly to those who browse the web a lot on their Wii. The QWERTY keypad is within easy reach of your thumbs, and the A and B buttons become triggers on the underside. It fits both Nyko’s wand series and the standard remote. No extra batteries needed, it’ll leech power straight from the remote. $29.99 if you just absolutely need a full keyboard for your Wii experience.


And speaking of power, the Charge Base Quad let’s you recharge four controllers at once, either the Wand or original. One cool thing is that complete contact between the remote and the charger isn’t necessary to charge, meaning you don’t have to take off any gel cases or the like. There’s also a USB port on the base so you can charge your phone, beard trimmer, etc. all for just $49.99.


Okay, if you really need me to explain this product, I’m not sure what I can tell you. It’s a gun. For your Wii. It’s $14.99. It works.


Now we make a quick delve into the Playstation realm. If you were disappointed the PS3 Slim reduced the number of USB slots, you’re in luck. This media hub attachment will give you 4 USB ports, a media card reader for SD and Sony memory sticks, and an IR remote to control DVD and Blu-ray playback. They run $24.99 a pop.


And from the PS3 we bounce over to its mortal enemy, the Xbox 360. The SpeakerCom 360 is a combination headset and loudspeaker, so you can share you profanity laden Xbox Live conversations with the whole room. It requires a single AAA battery, and the backs of the earbuds are magnetic. I personally prefer an actual headset for gaming, so the weight isn’t on my ears. But to each their own. $19.99.