Woot! Refurbished iPhone 3G for $380


What happened to your iPhone? It broke?! How?!! Just stopped working?! Really?! You didn’t drop it in the toilet? You dropped it in the toilet, didn’t you? Ah, the truth comes out. You dropped it in the toilet.

We’ve all dropped phones in the toilet before, except today’s complicated smartphones don’t work after being dropped in the toilet — unlike those old Nokia phones from the late 90’s. If you’re looking to replace your toilet phone, you can get an unlocked, refurbished iPhone 3G from sellout.woot.com for $380, today only.

That’s not a terrible deal considering that a new, no-contract iPhone 3G can set you back well over $500. This one carries a 90-day warranty.

Apple 8GB iPhone 3G [sellout.woot.com]