Analyst: Expect Xbox 360, PS3 price cuts this year


Yeah, you probably could have guessed that one already, but now someone from Wedbush Morgan has said it, validating your opinion in the process. So the deal is that both Microsoft and Sony are likely to cut the price of their respective consoles this year, probably around summertime. The thing is, because Microsoft’s manufacturing costs are lower, it has the ability to lower the cost more than Sony does.

And what’s all this talk about Microsoft releasing an Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive? Could Microsoft be doing that to give Xbox gamers the illusion of still being “elite”? So says Mr. Wedbush Morgan analyst!

As for the PSP Go, Sony will have to cut the price for that to be relevant.

Sony’s in a weird spot with the PSP Go. It’s clearly aimed at early adopters, but you can only get so far relying upon early adopters. The device is supposed to help Sony user in the era of download-only games, but doing so will annoy its retail partners (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.), partners it totally needs if it wants the PS3 to continue on its good run. If Sony says “full steam ahead!”on a download-only culture, why should Best Buy bother to stock Sony hardware? With no games to sell, it has no reason to sell the hardware.

Maybe it would be best if retail stores simply disappeared altogether?

So there’s an early preview of where consoles are going this year. I can’t think of too many really big games that are scheduled for this year… Mass Effect 2 in a few weeks? I’m totally drawing a blank here.