BMW expanding its electric presence with Active-E leases

You’ve probably heard about the BMW Mini E lease program — 500 or so of the little buggers were let into the wild to be given real-life, long-term testing by regular people. It seems like the program was a success, because BMW is doing it again, this time with their Active-E (Activeeee!) concept, a more practical car for most people, but also mighty expensive.

The Active-E is a converted 1-series, yet weighs nearly 4000 pounds and as a result, acceleration and handling are probably nothing to write home about. Still, I’m sure it’d be a nice car to get around in, although you’ll be paying through the nose: $850/month, plus a grueling application process.

Like the Mini E, the Active-E is extremely pre-production, so all these specs are probably going to change, I suppose most notably the weight and range, as batteries get more efficient over the next couple years of testing.

[image credit: Chuck Squatriglia/]