Looks like someone can check ‘Own Super Mario Bros. Sweater’ off his bucket list


See the young man in the above photo? He’s older than you think. His wife made him that sweater. I don’t know his wife but I can tell you right now that any future argument the two of them have can be ended rather quickly by her saying, “I knitted you a Super Mario Bros. sweater vest and this is how you thank me?!” Seriously, until they die she can play that card.

People all over the internet have such a boner for this thing (understandably) that the designer has promised to make the pattern available for other aspiring seamstresseseses. Until then, you can take a gander at the list of necessary supplies and head over to Michael’s or wherever it is you buy stuff to make the coolest sweater vest in the history of clothing.

The Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the World [Happy Seamstress via technabob]