Disgusting: The GUMMI-X toy kit is an edible insect maker


What Japanese toy maker Megahouse is offering here is truly disgusting: A toy kit that you can use to form edible insects made of juice and other liquids. The so-called GUMMI-X [JP] is geared towards teenage boys, but it has the potential to seriously freak out certain adults, too.

Users will be able to create a total of four exotic insects and such that they can put into their meals. Choose between the stag beetle, the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, the especially disgusting pill bug and the Procambarus clarkii, a freshwater crayfish. Other animals, a frog for example, are sold separately.


Users can follow instructions that come with the GUMMI-X to pour liquids (for example cola or hot chocolate) into casting molds, wait a while for the gummy “insects” to stiffen and, ultimately, eat them.

This stag beetle, for example, is made primarily of coffee:


This is how a lunch box with one of our friends in it looks like:


The GUMMI-X will hit Japanese stores on February 1. The starter kit will cost around $40. Two extension kits (with two more casting molds each) will be available at the same time (price: $18 each).

Ask the Japan Trend Shop or Rinkya if you want to get the GUMMI-X but live outside Japan.

Via Maikomi Jounal [JP]

Hat tip to Akky