Is this the next Jawbone headset?


If you’ll pardon my terrible photoshopping skills for a second (Hey! I was using a trackpad! Also, my hands were tied behind my back, my eyes were closed, and, uh, my house was on fire), you might be looking at a fairly close representation of Aliph’s next Jawbone headset.

You see, the gents over at HTCPedia spotted a listing for this never before seen, as-of-yet unannounced Bluetooth headset on.. wait for it.. Craigslist. Weird, right? It happens more often than you’d probably imagine.

According to the original poster of the contraband headset, this guy is called the Jawbone Icon – and according to the few pictures they’ve released, it looks like a weird mash-up of the short-and-stout Jawbone 1 and the sleek-and-textured Jawbone 2. If the pictures are representative of the real deal (that is, if this isn’t just some really, really intense bootleg), it looks like Aliph’s sticking with the same packaging design they’ve used for the past few generations.

One interesting twist: it looks like they might be switching toward using a microUSB port on the headset, instead of Aliph’s proprietary magnetic-grappler-thing. That’s good news for the travelin’ folk, as that generally means one less cable to carry (and subsequently lose.)