May 28: UFC Undisputed 2 puts you in a triangle joke

We now know when UFC Undisputed 2010 will be on store shelves: May 28. Well, for the UK, that is. I do believe the North American release date is May 25. Beyond that, what’s known about the game? Not a damn thing, baby!

I’ve embedded the trailer, which debuted at the Spike Video Game Awards last month, for your convenience. You’ll notice the lack of Brock Lesnar. My guess is that when THQ was filming Mr. Lesnar was in the hospital recovering from that intestine thing he has.

Still, Frank Mir is there, talking trash as only he can.

It cannot be overstated how important this video game is to UFC as a company. The latest numbers I read indicated that a full 25 percent of the company’s revenue last year came from the video game. Twenty-five percent! That’s huge, especially considering that the company, only a few years prior, was 100 percent dependent upon pay-per-view revenue to stay afloat (not that it’s having a hard time finding people to buy the shows).

So yeah, May 25/28. Be there~!