Steadicam for your iPhone? Looks like it works, but… why?

SmoothieR Rear View_72Here is a product, and here is a question. The product is a steadicam for the iPhone and Flip. Certainly video on those devices is shaky enough to warrant such a product. The question, then, is this: is there anyone who cares enough about their video to want a steadicam, yet still shoots with a Flip or iPhone?

It seems to me that if you care at all about the quality of your video, you won’t be shooting it on such a tiny, shaky device that has poor video quality when compared with slightly larger camcorders with real lenses. For streaming video off your phone, I guess I can see it, but that video is so low-rez and so highly compressed that if the image is jittery, no one will notice.

So, while I can’t think of anyone who requires smooth video, yet is content with 640×480 or smeary, fixed-focus 1080p, perhaps there are a few of you out there and this thing is for you.

[via OhGizmo and Electronista]