Whoa, a Sirius XM App for the BlackBerry? Rumor has it!


Will there be a Sirius XM App for the BlackBerry? According to the always-great Orbitcast, yes! Rumor has it that it’ll be available this month, and that it will be pretty damn similar to the iPhone App. No Howard Stern, then. No big loss.

So the App, which will work with a few select BlackBerry models, will work like the iPhone App. You’ll need an online subscription to Sirius XM. A total of 120 channels will available, but the only channel you’ll need is XM 202 The Virus.

The App will work on: Storm 2; Storm 1; Bold (9000, 9700); Tour (9630); Curve (8900, 8520, 8530). I have a Curve 8900, so if and when the App drops I’ll let you know.