DIY: The Ikea camera dolly

ivar-dollyHere’s one of the easier projects I’ve seen on Make in a while. Take an Ikea “Ivar” ladder, lay it on the floor, and use it as a camera dolly. Just the thing for shooting video, I could have used one of these while we were in Vegas. The best part about this project? It’s cheap. You’re looking at roughly $30 worth of parts to build this.

It’s pretty simple; take an Ivar shelving side unit, a piece of plywood, some rollerblade wheels, assorted nuts and bolts, some skateboard grip tape, and you are rolling (no pun intended). Assembly is pretty self explanatory from the pictures, and the end result is a smooth rolling camera dolly that’s light, easy to transport, and cheap. Check out some sample video from the builder, and then go build one yourself.

[Via Make]