MiniGuru keyboard tries to get you to change how you type

500x_guruboard2Every so often, some company comes along and tries to get us to change how we type, or what kind of keyboard we use. The MiniGuru is the latest example of this phenomena, using programmable keys and macros to produce a functional keyboard with a tiny footprint.

It’s a known fact that a touch typist is faster if they keep their fingers on the “home row”, and this is the concept that the MiniGuru builds on. There might be a problem when you try and use the modifier keys to use things like arrow keys, or the function keys – it could become counter-productive. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work, but honestly the amount of time required to learn how to use the new keyboard may make it rather pointless. I could see this being useful for an HTPC or other type of hobbyist application though.

If you want to try one, the MiniGuru will be available sometime this fall, with no word on the cost.

[Via Gizmodo]