Mythical beast spotted: Samsung to launch 32GB microSD cards next month


So there you are, on your way home after purchasing the brand new smart phone you’ve been wanting for weeks. You’re reading the specs on the side; “Supports microSD cards up to 32 Gigabytes”, it boasts. “32 Gigabytes? That’s like a million!” you think to yourself as you pull up your handset’s browser. You hop on the Googlenets with your heart set on snapping up one of these 32GB cards to call your own. You check Amazon, Tiger Direct, New Egg.. and.. there’s nothing.

We’ve been hearing about these 32GB cards for months now, but no one (at least as far as I know, and I’ve looked pretty hard) has managed to get them to productions. That’s all about to change next month, thanks to good ol’ Samsung.

They’re not releasing any pricing info just yet, but Samsung is claiming that the mass production of their 32GB microSD line is all set to start in February. Sample units are already floating about for compatibility/quality testing sake.

Also worth noting, Samsung has also disclosed that they’ve been building 64GB moviNAND chips (in other words, ultra-slim, low-power 64 gigabyte drives that can be built into mobile devices by the manufacturer) since December 2009. If there’s an Omnia III anywhere on Samsung’s horizon, you can be pretty dang sure it’s going to pack a whopping 64 gigs inside.